Benefits of Mud

Benefits of Mud


As the name suggests, the star ingredient of these beauty masks does, in fact, come from the mud of the Dead Sea.

Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea is actually a saltwater lake in the Middle East located between Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. This lake is very saline; more than 9 times saltier than ocean water and because of this, it is impossible for plants and fish to survive in the water, hence, it is named the Dead Sea.

Another interesting thing about this very salty lake is its geographical features. The shores of the Dead Sea are about 1,400 feet below sea level which makes it the Earth's lowest point on dry land. It’s also surrounded by mountains and the lake itself dips down over 1,000 feet making it the deepest salt lake in the world.

With this unique feature, the Dead Sea acts as a basin and tons of rich natural resources are deposited into it. It is found to contain high levels of minerals such as bromine, calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, and sodium all of which have different functions in maintaining our skin health. The mud, especially, contains large amounts of sulfides, silicates, and various types of salts that leaves the skin clean, soft and smooth.


  • It helps purify and refine the skin

  • It aids in healing scars

  • It reduces the looks of wrinkles and fine lines
  • It helps relieve skin problems

  • It improves blood circulation

  • It works to treat and prevent acne

  • you get instant visible results