Skincare Tip #101

Skincare Tip #101

1. Wash your face every day

Even if you don’t put any makeup on! There is a ton of gunk that can build up on your face throughout the day, so it’s always beneficial to give it a thorough wash and rinse every day. I wash my face two times a day– before bed and when I wake up in the morning.

2. Be gentle

There is no need to scrub your skin too hard when washing. In fact, I only scrub my skin once a week as I feel that it does more harm than good when I do it more often.

3. Eat Healthfully

For myself I aim to eat a whole food plant-based diet as best I can, avoiding oily and fried foods. What has been easiest for me is to stay track when I am at home and then indulge when I am out. It really helps me stay balanced and I have found that 2-3 meals out a week doesn’t do much harm on my skin. When I consistently eat healthfully, I see it in my skin!