The Skincare Routine Basic

The Skincare Routine Basic

Okay, So we know what the basic steps are: Cleanse, Moisturize and Protect. Now the question is... What do we use? And…Where does our L'Oreal and St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub fits in?

(If you’re still using St Ive’s or L'Oreal Scrub, or any popular skincare product from the early 2000s, STOP THE NON-SENCE. Early Noughties marketing had us in a tizzy for HARSH ingredients that should be discontinued forever. Chuck em in the bin for your next trash day).

Skincare today is all about gentle, active ingredients built to repair the skin barrier and protect your skin. It is so important to be gentle with your skin, since microtearing and inflammation will cause you to photoage almost as quickly as UVA rays.

So, the gentle starter routine is quick, easy, and affordable. There is no reason or excuses left for you not to have one.

Step 1: Cleanse

Using a gentle cleanser will remove dirt and pollution from the surface of your skin without stripping the natural oils that protect your complexion. It’s also formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for hydration & Ceramides to repair the skin barrier, which is often damaged through environment and lifestyle.

Step 2: Moisturise

Using a basic, well formulated moisturiser will help lock in hydration and alleviate any symptoms of dry, oily, aging or dull looking skin.

Step 3: Protect (AM Only)

It doesn’t matter how much you moisturise your face, or how fancy your products, if you’re not applying sunscreen every day, your skin will suffer. The sun is the leading cause of photoaging, and if that doesn’t convince you, then we’re also at the greatest risk of melanoma. A makeup friendly sunscreen is perfect for use under foundation, since it is light and dries like a moisturiser – so you don’t have to worry about tacky skin.

Most of all, this starter routine begins gently. It can be tricky to know whether you have sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone or dry skin if you’re new to the skincare game. So, beginning with the most basic of gentle and hydrating ingredients is the perfect way to get to know your skin better. Once you’re comfortable, you can begin to explore.

How Long Will it Take to See Changes?
If you are starting your skincare routine from scratch, you will likely see some immediate improvements to the state of your skin – you may look brighter, glowing skin and less inflamed. However, we recommend continuing your basic skincare regimen for 6 weeks, to build the habit and establish your skin’s tolerance.

The last thing you want is to start your skincare routine hard and fast, and have an allergic reaction to one of the many ingredients thrown together. Go slow! as everything is a process.

Pre-Cleanse: Oil Based Makeup Removal

The day’s pollution builds up fast on our skin. What with makeup, sunscreen and free radicals laying siege to our skin barrier, it’s important to remove as much of it as we can before going to sleep.

But, we need to do it gently.

Oil based cleansers are the most gentle way to melt away your makeup, so you’re not left tugging at your delicate lashes or stripping your skin of all its protective oils.

Double Cleansing uses an oil based cleanse which is then followed by a gel or water based cleanse. This ensures that your skin will be as clean as possible, while maintaining the skin barrier.


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