Clay Mask - Radiant Rose


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Clay Mask - Radiant Rose

This Radiant Rose dry clay mask it a customizable way to meet your skins needs with a powerful weekly clay mask that can adjust each time you use it.

This dry mask was crafted with raw powerful ingredients that are, vegan, clean and ready to feed and purify your skin. French Red Clay will cleanse and sloughs off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it refreshed and toned with a rejuvenated look. It also helps to balance oils in you skin making it great for normal to oily skin types.

Why Dry? Dry clay masks have longer shelf lives without the added heavy preservatives. They also are cleaner with less of a chance of unwanted bacteria building up in the container. By mixing the wet ingredients and dry ingredients freshly you're keeping the clays more active for longer than a premixed face mask making the benefits stronger and getting better results.

Pair this weekly mask with our other rose products such as Rosey Cheeks Facial Exfoliant which features rosehip oil high in vitamins and nutrients.



French Red Clay

Kaolin, Illite


Place 4 caps into a separate container and add liquid of choice (ex. Water, Yogurt). Apply to face, allow to dry, then rinse face clean. Apply moisturizer.

Size: 2oz

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